The People Of Australia

Currently in Australia there are almost 20 million people, of whom 72% Anglo-Celtic, 17% -other Europeans and 6% of Asians. About 21% of the current residents of Australia are not natives of this country and another 21% are descendants of immigrants of the second generation, have at least one parent was not born in this country.
The People Of Australia
I believe that during the founding of the first English settlement in 1788 in Australia, there were not less than 250 aboriginal languages.

People. Aboriginal.Currently, the vast majority of the population is mainly European and English origin, and since the late 1970-ies significantly increased the proportion of persons of Asian descent.

Only 2% of the population are descendants of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia, the aborigines related to special Australoid race.

The appearance of Europeans in Australia proved to be detrimental to aboriginal people.

Immigration was an important factor in the formation of Australia’s population after the founding of the first English settlement in 1788.

At the dawn of the colonial period in Australia was exiled prisoners, which the English courts were sentenced to hard labor. However, occasionally in the country did many voluntary immigrants.

Since the late 19th century acted principles of the so-called “white Australia” limiting immigration from Asia. However, the country has been the experience of the mass migration of Chinese in the second half of the 19th century and especially during the gold rush of the 1850-ies.

According to the census of 1947, less than 10% of the population were not born in this country (it was a record low in the history of the settlement of 19-20 centuries). Over 90% of the population was of British origin (i.e., descendants of immigrants from great Britain and Ireland), and most of the rest are easily assimilated into English society (primarily persons of European origin).

Over the next 25 years immigration to Australia has increased dramatically. In this period was dominated by the first immigration of Eastern European refugees in the late 1940’s), then from Northern Europe and finally, especially since the late 1950-ies, from southern Europe (mainly Italy and Greece). In 1969-1970-ies in Australia moved 185 thousand people (a record high).

The Australian government abolished the ethnic, racial and national criteria for the selection of immigrants. In the late 1970’s, Australia has accepted many refugees from Vietnam and other countries of Indochina, and since then the share of immigrants of Asian descent began to grow.

From July 1997 to June 1998 in Australia officially arrived 80,8 thousand persons, including 32% of the natives of Asia, 19% New Zealand 13% of the UK and Ireland, 12% – other countries of Europe, 8% from Africa and 7% Middle East and North Africa.
The People Of Australia
The influence of different cultures is obvious: it manifests itself in the appearance of the streets, the popularity of restaurants serving national cuisine in the spread of football (previously it was considered “immigrant” game), the increase in the share of adherents of the Orthodox, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist faiths and diversity of the press in foreign languages.